Recorded Training Sessions In The PGA Library

The list below is a partial list of the topics discussed in previous Pool Genius Academy Training Sessions. Most sessions listed are recorded and published for member viewing in the library. 

Conquering The Competition
Protect your Business From Lawsuits with Policies and Procedures
Conquer The Overwhelm – 7 Time Hacks
Tips For Developing & Delivering A Great Sales Meeting
SEO Critical Update: December 2014
How to Modify Your Website to Capture More Leads!
Secrets To Making A Breakthrough Sales Year
Start The Year Off Right!
Lead Generation Strategies – A 3 Part Series (Part 1)
Lead Generation Strategies – A 3 Part Series (Part 2)
Lead Generation Strategies – A 3 Part Series (Part 3)
Why Should I Buy A Pool (Or Spa Or Service) From You?
How Valuable Is Free?
Your Business Strategy
ISHBDTA (I Should Have Been Doing This Already)
One Degree From Exceptional
Thinking Beyond Systems
Technology, Sales and You!
Power Strategies In Social Media
Reasons Businesses Fail And How To Avoid Them
Want More Sales At Higher Prices?
8 Steps To Explosive Business Growth
Set Yourself Free & Run Your Pool Business From Anywhere In The World!
Tips For Extending Your Selling Season
PR & Customer Service: The Genius Behind The Scenes 1-2 Punch To Empower Your Social Media | Pool
SEO-PPC-Social Media: Science Fiction and Fact
Succeed By Helping Others Succeed
6 Laws That Control Business
Set Up Your Website To Win
3 Big Mistakes Salespeople Make & How To Overcome Them
7 Magic Marketing Tools – Part Two
Decisiveness Part 2 of a 5 Part Series
7 Magic Marketing Tools – Part One
FEAR. THE HIDDEN OBJECTION (and what to do about it)
Decisiveness Part 1 of a 5 Part Series
Salt Systems… Fact and Fiction – Myth Buster Series
Pool Circulation and The Ultimate Low Maintenance Pool – Part 2 of 2
Are you HOT and BOTHERED
How to double the marketing power of everything you do
5 quick tips to improving your sale-to-presentation ratio
Pool Circulation and The Ultimate Low Maintenance Pool – Part 1 of 2
Your Business on Steroids
Secrets of Turning Goals Into Ca$h
Pool Water Fill and Overflow
Your Website Master Tune Up
Gain Insights Into Progressive Business Applications
Getting Inside Your Customer’s Head
March Sales Madness
Google’s Largest Update Ever & How It Will Affect Your Business
Pool Plaster Problems – Is The Industry Hiding The Truth
Secrets to creating income in the off-season
Decisiveness Part 3 of a 5 Part Series
Pool Filters – Which is Best
Scalable Growth – Get Serious and Grow Your Business Now
Classic website mistakes, and how to fix them all
Secrets of Turning Goals Into Ca$h-Part 2
Avoid Getting Burned with Pay per Click and SEO programs
4 Critical Mistakes That Cause Your Marketing To Fail
Is SEO Dead??
Secrets To Closing The Sale
Leading In Business, Part 3
10 Ways To Get The ‘Cream of the Crop’
Where Will The Water Go
Why People Buy & Why You Should Care!
HUGE Online Marketing Mistakes You Are Making Right Now!
Motivational Speaker & Retail Sales Training Expert
The Wisdom of Success
Secrets To Creating Time!
21 Reasons Your Marketing Fails…
Selling Ice Cubes To Eskimos
12 Point Blueprint For Success
Leading In Business Part 2
Leading In Business
5 Mistakes Businesses Make By Copying Their Competition
Andrew Carnegie’s 10 Rules Of Success
10 Common Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Business
Create The Success Breakthrough You Always Wanted
Secrets to Loving Objections
Starting Fresh
The Business Success Guide
PGA: Author Ray Cronise Joins Us
You ‘da Man; How To Separate & Elevate Yourself To Sales Success
The 7 Laws Of Cash Flow
Free, Live Website Reviews
Traits Successful Entrepreneurs Share
Developing And Using A Positivie Sales Attitude To Your Advantage
7 Elements Of Business and Life Success
Three Devastating Forces That Limit Your Potential
How to avoid the most common sales mistakes
7 Ways to Eliminate Lawsuits and Protect Your Future
How to Make You Year a Sales Success!
A Vision to Grow Begins With You
Secrets to Successful Sales Communications Part 1
Strategic Planning For Scalable Success
Secrets to Successful Sales Communications
Insights into stopping “The Silent Sales Killer”
Secrets To Making Your Presentations Rock!
7 Ways to Protect Yourself From Lawsuits
Mastering Change – Part 2
Mastering Change – Part 1
Double Your Profits in 60 Days- Part 4
Double Your Profits in 60 Days- Part 3
Double Your Profits in 60 Days- Part 2
Double Your Profits in 60 Days- Part 1
Making Your Vision Real
Right and Wrong Ways to Promote Your Service Business
How to Get Your UNFAIR Share of Pool Buyers
A Look Into the Future
Professional Pool Plans
Marketing Recommendations – 2
The three modalities and 3 “Determiners” of the mind
What it takes to be successful in sales. Really successful!
It’s the Benefits Stupid!
Creating your Ad Plan
Training Schedule
Market Takes A Dive
Constructing Drainless Pools


Top ten mistakes made in equipment installs and how to avoid them
You can enjoy sales success, if you follow these keys!
How To Kick Butt And Make Money At A Home Show
Social Media: “Do” & “DO NOT”
Vanishing Edge Pools-Part 3
Pool Service Tips: What’s Keeping You From Making $
Why practice selling?
5 ways to develop a lasting, positive sales attitude
Secrets to Selling Service
Motor Repair and Fixes 101
Social Media Faux Pas: “No, You Don’t Have To Tweet”
Escape The Prison Of Your Mind Part 4
How to be UP in a DOWN Market
Spring Start ups
Escape The Prison Of Your Mind Part 3
How To Survive E-Commerce Competition
How to Make a Sale Last Forever
“Google Is About To Violate Your Privacy!”
Truck organization for the pool cleaner
Escape The Prison Of Your Mind Part 2
Lead Generation-What Works Now and What’s a Waste of Money
Passive Profit Systems-Part 1
Filter Sizing
How to Love Objections-Part 2
Creating A Powerful, Proactive Referral System
Making Money Work For You… Not Against You
Top 10 Costly Mistakes Made by Service Techs
Extinguish Your Fires
Understanding the Value in Computers
Website Mistakes and How To FIX Them
The Secret to Unlocking Your Team’s Potential
How To Double Your Service Business in 3-6 Months
How to Love Objections
Lighting – Changing Pool/Spa Lights Properly
How To Work A Home Show
Managing Sub Contractor Relationships
Where Will The Water Go?
Bridging the Confidence Gap
Proactive Business Referrals
Secrets to Becoming a Sales Success in 2011
Energy Efficient Water Features
Drain Elimination Strategies
Safety Audits
Energy Efficient Circulation
Top 5 Service Goofs
Setting a Business Plan for your Pool Service Company
How to avoid common chemical mistakes
Pool Service
When it’s hot, it’s hot!
Charging for Pool Service
More Common Pool Mistakes
Proven Ways to Repeat Business & Referrals
More Secrets to Sales Success
How to take better pool photos
When You Want To Advertise In the Worst Way
HOME SHOWS: Turn a Pain into a Payoff
10 Common Website Mistakes
Marketing Recommendations
How to Achieve Sales Success in Our New Economy
3 Biggest Mistakes Sales People Make – Part 2
3 Biggest Mistakes Sales People Make – Part 1
Leads Are Slow Part 2
Leads Are Slow. What do I do now?
Closings: A Fresh Look Part 1
Closings: A Fresh Look Part 2
Winter Service Business Ideas
How to use powerful demonstrations to increase sales.
Productivity = Profitability From a Service Perspective
The Key To Empowered Business Growth – Part 2
The Key To Empowered Business Growth – Part 1
How to get FREE or nearly FREE Advertising
Financial Freedom Strategies- Part 3
Truck organization for the pool cleaner
Think the selling season is over? Think again.
Hydraulic Mastery Trouble Shooting Vanishing Edge Pools
What will you trade for sales success?
DIFFERENTIATION: How to Make Sure You Sound Better Than Your Competition
Turbo Charge Your Lead Flow
Getting the Cash to Flow – Part 2
Vanishing Edge Pools-Part 2
How to avoid talking yourself out of a sale!
Secrets to becoming the expert in your marketplace
How To Make A Sale In 30 Seconds (The Power Of The Elevator Pitch)
The Tools You Need To Connect To Your Customers In A Mobile Age
Aggressively managing sales
Swimming Pool Selling Tips-From a Marketing Guy
10 Things You Must Do To Win
Develop and Keep the Cream of the Crop
Behavioral Retargeting
Survive The Zombie Apocalypse…
3 Ways To Grow Your Business Fast
How To Double Your Service Business
A Time For Everything
Isaac Newton’s Laws Of Business
Strategies and Tactics That Convert Leads Into Cash
A Lead Is Not A Sale
Social Media And Web Updates
Prepare To Win!
21 Ways To Grow Your Business Fast
Secrets To Earning More Qualified Referral Business & Why You Should Care!
Get Paid To Be Hated…
How To Fascinate and Captivate Your Customer In 9 Seconds Or Less
Getting Inside Your Customer’s Head Part 2
The Tools you Need For Online Leads Part 2
The Tools You Need To Get Leads Online
Mysteries Uncovered to Becoming a Remarkable Salesperson
How to Attract And Hire The Right Employees
Surviving the Winter Part 2
Double Your Results in Half the Time
Mastering Change – Part 3