Are you working harder than ever and still struggling to make a profit?

We’ve combined four of the aquatic industry’s top expert consultants in Pool Service, Sales, Marketing and Business Management into a single, fast-paced, “stuff you need to know” program.

Your membership is a comprehensive “business coaching” program designed to:

  • make you money!
  • create new business growth
  • revitalize your processes
  • strengthen your systems
  • stimulate your sales
  • motivate your team
  • create a complete “marketing makeover”
  • create a service business the “rocks”
  • learn advanced construction and remodeling techniques
  • slay the “myths” of “poolology” and master the real “science” and theory
  • we put you in touch with the latest skills, trends, and technology
  • we give you the edge that puts you and keeps you on top

30 day trial just $1.00 – then only *$67.00 per month! Your entire staff to learn, grow, and help you build a great business!

 Your Membership Includes:

  • Continuous year round coaching with 24 scheduled “bi-monthly” live performance improvement sessions, providing expert advise as you need it!
  • Business, Marketing, Office Automation, Web Technology, and Sales  are independently and comprehensively addressed. (This permits your employees and sales teams to benefit directly during the sessions benefiting their area of performance)
  • “Coaching” sessions are pool and spa industry specific and consist of proven methods that get results fast
  • Handouts, and support material are provided to increase the training effectiveness
  • Access to the private “VIP area” of the Pool Genius Academy website including:
    • Access to the “handout” download library
    • Access to custom “performance enhancement” templates
    • Access to productivity enhancing and time saving resource materials
    • Access to a library containing hundreds of previous pre-recorded training sessions

At the end of the day, it comes down to the fact that we all have very limited resources. Therefore being strategic is about thinking through how we maximize the benefit, the payoff, the return on those limited resources, whichever they are.

If you have a vision, a goal, some target that you are trying to achieve, then it’s also about how do you leverage your scarce resources to get to that goal, that target, that vision, in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of effort with the highest level of certainty.

These weekly pool specific workshops are a permanent and sophisticated way to stay on top of the latest pool service, business, marketing, and sales trends.
By the way, if you miss a session, you can listen to it later on your iPhone, Android, or other smartphone and/or computer.  Our library is available to our members 24 hrs/7 days a week.

Join today and your membership is only *$67.00 per month for your entire staff to learn, grow, and help you build a great business!

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