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Meet The Faculty

Rex Richard, Founder

Increase Profits, Free Your Time, Have More Fun!

Rex is a Educator, Business Coach, resident “Pool Genius” 31 year pool veteran, a “Top 50” Pool Builder, and a web technology/search engine expert.

His presentations are content rich, lively, and motivational. He will focus on the need to understand internet options and the critical link to traditional marketing and operational strategies. There is significant focus on internet marketing, business systems and atomization,  and how to transcend the gap between exponential technology growth and traditional strategies.

Rex, a frequent keynote and seminar speaker, provides you proven strategies and tactics for top level business Management, Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Business Systems Automation and Advanced Web Technology.

Rex is the creator of:

  • The Pool Genius Network
  • PoolInfoSite – “International Pool Industry Directory”
  • PoolSites – “Technologically superior, mobile optimized, websites specifically for pool businesses” 
  • The Pool Genius Academy – “Success training to the pool industry”
  • Pool Nexus – “Behaviorally targeted automatic customer follow up system”

Rex’s business:

Peak Dynamics LLC – builds technologically advanced, auto-updating, websites; e-commerce sites, multi-user platforms, social networks, and provides strategic Search and Social Engine Optimization as well as Social Campaign Management and Content Creation Management.

Rex also has the pool industries best success coaching program designed to break through the barriers that ar holding you back and launch you into a new world of business and personal growth.

A sampling of  “Academy” topics presented include:

Grow Your Business

  • Creating a High Performance Environment
  • How to Stay Out of Court
  • Build a Market Leading Company
  • Eliminating your Key Business Frustrations
  • Social Marketing Strategies
  • How to Double Your Profits in 60 Days
  • Creating Processes That Free Your Tome
  • Put Out The Fires That Are Burning Your Profits

Get More Leads

Below is a sampling of the information you and your marketing team will learn while participating in the Marketing Session:

  • 10 Reasons Homeowners Should Buy from YOU
  • How to Get FREE and NEARLY FREE Advertising
  • Advertising: What Works and What Doesn’t,
  • How to Double Your Service Business in 6 months or less – WITHOUT ADVERTISING
  • Right and Wrong Ways to Promote Your Service Company
  • Search Engine Optimization: Facts, Fallacies and Fixes
  • Low Cost Automated Follow-up

Mario Rossetti, Faculty

Close More Sales

Mario has been inbusiness for over thirty-five years as a business consultant and as a Director, Sales and Marketing for international companies.

He has achieved to the highest levels in these positions and always rose to the top of the commission list. He has authored many articles for trade magazines and organizations, conducted sales training seminars for hundreds of business owners and thousands of sales people and sales managers around the world. During these experiences, he has uncovered several key fundamental concepts that will help businesses and individuals achieve greater sales success; not formulas or gimmicks that are so common among some popular sales gurus.

In fact, he will tell you that becoming a satisfaction driven company or a professional sales person takes hard work. With a little effort however, and with these proven concepts, he would like to help you and your business grow and prosper.

Your most important business asset is people; especially salespeople. Salespeople create wealth and the opportunity for business success. They may not be taken for granted if you wish to succeed on a long-term basis. They must first succeed in order for you to succeed. Care must always be taken to recruit, hire and retain the best salespeople. Always. Failure to understand and to become proactive on this one issue may be the single most common reason for business failure in America

Here is a small sampling of topics covered in our Sales Module:

  • Overcoming Objections with Value Parts
  • Referrals – A Second Look
  • 5 Biggest Sales Management Mistakes
  • The Power Of Questions
  • Professional Language in Sales

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