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And, depending on your goals, your ending will determine the success of the piece as a whole. It was a relieving revelation. The two are complementary, as the end result of meditation is often temporary or long-lasting peace of mind, as meditation involves the expulsion of thoughts, especially unhelpful ones. What was the sadness and nostalgia all about, and HOW all the tragic things came about did not make any sense. Eckhart Tolle. Having household insurance is supposed to give you peace of mind . If there was ever a dram that deserved all 16 episodes it was this one. Seo-woo takes this advice and that's how she ends up asking Ha Won to take a break. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; However, we don't just see human beings when they're at their lowest; we also see human beings at their best, when they come together in love and solidarity to overcome hardship. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); It’s the finale week of A Piece of Your Mind, and I don’t know if I’m crying so hard because it’s over, or because the concluding episodes were just so touching and beautiful. Ha Won, who is extremely angry with In-wook for treating Seo-woo badly, ends up being the one to help In-wook finally understand his wife's thoughts and what she really felt about In-wook. He was smiling, and then the tragedy and the angst and the fear and the tears... and they had never been there in their 10 years marriage... Those two didn't make sense. Don’t … And why didn't Ha Won notice his invaluable prototype AI device had been stolen? A Piece of Your Mind is a melancholic/romantic drama that mixes in cheesy dialogue with a relaxed sort of vibe. What does give a piece of mind expression mean? :). It also shows us the importance of self care and valuing your mental health and well being. Ha Won, on the other hand, finally returns to Oslo, to the house where his mother played the piano. I did love the shy head tilt SeoWoo did. She felt too much for him and too much guilt for "taking" Jisoo away from him (as illustrated by how anguished she was that she had to be the one to destroy AI Jisoo) and felt too much confusion and uncertainty about who she was in Ha Won's life and in her own that she just needed to step away. 63. Me too. Also, I would say we should ignore trolls, but I just didn't feel like it with this one. The only thing you control is how you respond. the show doesn’t explain but could be a mixture of jealousy over JiSoo and jealousy over HaWon being at peace over something he has struggled with (fitting in a place where you stand out). Mientras tanto, Han Seo Woo trabaja como ingeniera de grabación de música clásica, su vida es inestable sin una familia o casa, pero es una persona positiva. I adore the relationship betw HaWon and SeoWoo and the progress they made over the course of the drama together and as individuals. Am also glad that the response here is so positive. -HaWon counting down the time it will take him to come home to SeoWoo. if(document.querySelector("#google_image_div")){ The comment section on this drama has been one of my favorite things! This drama is actually manage to portray intimacy in an endearing way, and the journey of Ha-Won discovering a tangible kind of love, their interaction is heart-fluttering whether it's the soft gaze, the hand-holding or the hugs yes especially the hugs.. And the credit goes to Hae-In and Soo-Bin, can you imagine this show in a lesser-skilled actor hand *shudders*. Thanks again, I wish I had better words to express what a comment like this means to me. document.querySelector("#adunit").addEventListener('click',function(){ Though the first two episodes left me confused, I am so glad I stuck to it. This is one of my favorite shows of the year. I feel compelled to say that Chae SooBin was one of the reasons I watched the show. How you can get peace of mind with an end-to-end surveillance system . People wait in line for the COVID-19 vaccine in Paterson, N.J., Thursday, Jan. 21, 2021. js = d.createElement(s); = id; -I wish they had one conversation about JiSoo/AI JiSoo and the insecurities and sadness SeoWoo had about what InWook said and AI JiSoo asked her to do. Unfortunately, although she's gained some perspective and equilibrium, it doesn't look like she's learned not to place her own sense of self worth in others. *trying not to cry again reading the comments. I loved it! It's as if to say "No matter what happened to you today, come home to me. My heart just felt full watching these two beautiful people finding each other and spread joy and love to the people around them. In the end, she was able to hold onto her relationships with both In-wook and Won, and to me, it’s because of the quality and character everyone showed. thank you @flyingcolours! Ok this made me laugh , I definitely agree that the show didn’t explicitly connect the dots and explain InWook’s motivation. That's also why, in my opinion, when she spoke to IW afterwards and is trying to talk about how he should be reacting to the successful concert and he is obsessing over Jisoo instead, she finally gets the wake-up slap in the face that helps her gain perspective on what she's been doing. We often think of certain emotions as always positive - anger bad, empathy good. Inner peace begins the moment you … They helped each other heal and that was everything I could ask for! The next morning she realizes that Ji Soo's device was switched on and Ji Soo makes a request of her. Just rewatch for now. This played an important part in SeoWoo realising that Mr Dawn is the owner of the studio, Ha Won. We might've disliked Ji-soo at some point, but she played a big part on why Won's memories of Oslo were (initially shown to be) mostly the happy ones (and with Ji-soo). }); I should know this if it's taken from the drama itself (as I only just finished watching), but I don't recall it. Train your mind to be calm in every situation. “Good Casting” Maintains Double Digit Ratings On Day Two, “365: Repeat The Year” And “A Piece Of Your Mind” Come To An End. That is, until we see Ha-won coming to peace with his grief and saying goodbye in Oslo. I was mad at Soon Ho for protecting IW, and I was even madder when she went back to the farm (even though i could totally relate to her water & sun line). Seo-woo's point of reaction is Before Dawn. -Why did the couple at the guest house break up? She didn't break it off over guilt, she broke it off over her own fear of future sadness. }) A chance to take care of themselves. HW and IW must have never met in Norway. Believing in something that wasn't there proved unhealthy for Ha Won because he allowed himself to love someone without seeing her for 9 years, but now believing in something that isn't in front of her and not apparent proved heartbreaking for Seo Woo as well. i was worried that the show was going towards the "love will heal" bit though i probably shouldnt have given that the whole thing is about letting ppl go and having friends and people to support you. Overall, the ending was beautiful and I love all the big and small revelation. Now we know where the title of this drama was leading us to. Nonetheless I have recommended this drama to people I know and since it is over, watching the whole drama without having to wait for the next episode might make the pacing seem more normal. Fantastic. This drama is more like a long Arthouse movie. This show was sooooo beautiful in so many ways. No ratings or reviews yet. window.googletag.pubads().addEventListener('slotOnload', function(event) { So it’s a bit of thoughtlessness that was rooted in his other more complex feelings of loneliness, jealousy, sense of identity. Over the years we’ve seen and heard all of the disgruntled property management stories out there, and let’s face it, life’s too short. (function(d, s, id) { fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); I have to believe the explanation got cut in the missing 4 episodes. I know he was able to do that after knowing Jisoo's true feelings, but saying sorry was never easy nevertheless. Wow, thank you. A fun romantic romp, “A Piece of Your Mind” is a 2020 romantic comedy drama directed by Lee Sang Yeob. *sobs* They are really one of the best OTPs in Dramaland. This show makes me splat feelings all over the computer. Required fields are marked *. For CSB, this is on par with her chemistry in INAR if not more. -I wish HaWon said SeoWoo-ya just once. And even so, I still don't know what it was about. The reaction point of the AI is the thing that brings all its elements together. or Goodbye, Seo Woo. IW tell SoonHo that he moved around a lot in Europe and didn’t like being the only Korean person in those places. Seriously? You have requested the file: Name: [Nodrakor.Net]A Piece of Your Mind ep 12 End.NEXT.mp4 Size: 144.94 MB Uploaded: 29-04-2020 05:24 2020 Apr 9 - tvN to End Mon-Tues Drama A Piece of Your Mind Early at 12-episodes Due to Low Ratings | A Koala's Playground This was one cute and deep little drama. He tell SeoWoo that approached JiSoo after HaWon left Norway. After reading all the comments with ever more thoughts and understanding the subtleties of the plot, characters and camera work I'm not sure I can be as coherent, but I'll try. -HaWon going to Norway because of SeoWoo. I wanted to say so many things about them but I have my limits! the show is cute but i was tbqh therapy could help. I thought - and still think - the second episode was the worst episode of the show. First she STOLE the prototype AI device while (illegally) rummaging through Won's home. Moreover, they couldn't have been in school together, as In Wook was much older, although In Wook apparently knew Ha Won in Oslo, even if neither Ha Won nor his mother knew In Wook. So if you read this you may think I didn't like the drama at all, and you are totally wrong. Eun-joo telling Seo-woo that she is enough in herself. -SeoWoo’s hug when HaWon comes back from Norway. 'A Piece of Your Mind' with its finale comes full circle in portraying grief and the cycle of grieving the loss of someone that you love. I love how the finale gave everyone closure realistically without feeling rushed and resorting to the magic time lapse pill. This show did a great job with keeping Jisoo in our minds despite her physical absence for the rest of the eps. 3. By DAVID PORTER January 21, 2021 GMT. With the End in Mind ('It's a mighty piece of work'), by Kathryn Mannix, Read by Elizabeth Carling by HarperCollins Publishers published on 2017-12-05T15:18:12Z. Having household insurance is supposed to give you peace of mind . ), "Kim Sung-hyu is only two years older than Jung Hae-in in real life (I guess they were a hard two years?)" Notifications can be turned off anytime from browser settings, The finale is like a warm hug on a cold, rainy day and this show is worth bingeing as you stay home during quarantine. Their love language was hugs and what a gorgeous love language. By Christina Behle | May 29, 2020 | Security Solutions and Applications 0 comments. People in love touch each other, get close to each other, they hug each other (and yes they kiss and have sex, but I'm fine so far). On the other hand, I am so glad they didn't sacrifice the journey of our leads. She also returns to the house that the two of them stayed together and waits for Ha Won's return from Oslo. She did a phenomenal job with SeoWoo’s character. The only flaw i can think of is bcoz it's been shortened, it affected the continuity of the story. JiSoo and HaWon grew up together and had each other. 안녕, 서우야. It’s how Won was able to understand and forgive Soon-ho as his “precious family,” even after that deep wound; it’s the difference between reacting out of love versus anger. 50. 잘자~ Ha Won's love to Seo Woo...i can't describe it. InWook definitely knew about HaWon and JiSoo. She doubled over in pain every time she sensed Ha Won's torment, until it was too much for her. It kinda reminded me of BTIMFL. I bawled when she said that one of her life goal is to get Seo Woo out of her rut. He seems to have learned something important from the letter that Ji Soo had written last before her death. 4. Jung Hae In and Chae Soo Bin were really cute together and were perfect to emote all these sad feelings. Mr Dawn (perfect name actually) didn't just teach her the courage to pursue happiness. I left the final episode thinking it made sense why Ha-won was so obsessed with Ji-soo. Now i don't know if the show didn't have time for that scene or what but I'm happy that at the end Hae won didn't even need that for his healing. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, His wife loved and cherished him. One of the things I loved the most was the fact that both Won's and her point of reaction weren't each other. Even their break up scene felt very poetic with very little kdrama-ness into it. tvN’s “A Piece of Your Mind,” which was shortened to 12 episodes, also came to an end Tuesday with 1.2 percent viewership, for a 0.1 point increase from its previous broadcast. Soon-ho going out to the farm, feeling lonely and like she had failed her uncle, saying to herself. I think to have "Mr. How to use peace of mind in a sentence. I think the writer had a very specific reason for making SeoWoo's point of reaction be Mr Dawn. In Wook needed to look all this truth straight in the face as well as be forgiven. A piece of your mind [MV] /happy ending kore klip - YouTube Hae In is good in this kind of role. Unknown . Did you even read what people have been writing. When he told JiSoo he was smiling and saying "look at this stupid thing I did in the past". She was still angry with him. I LOVED THIS DRAMA. Brian Tracy. I am going back to rewatch this wonderful healing romance drama..again & again. I will definitely miss all the characters, especially Seo Woo and Ha Won. the only people who endured watching this boring drama were the fans of jung hae in. What happened was really traumatic (hearing a friend die while talking to you) and she wouldn't be Seo-woo if she doesn't feel guilty about it, so AI Ji-soo asking her to let her rest in peace would really take a toll on her. So much, it aches: loved the leads, their soft hearts, their lovely relation, the use of light and colours, the perfect OST, the atmosphere, the reliable characters (we all need a Eun Joo in our lives), the inicial discussion about AI (I think this was a major suffering from the cut) and how this drama speaks directly to your heart in terms of emotion. ga('ads.send', { What I've come away with is seeing how innocent and sweet he seems in real life, which really points out his great acting skills! It was very powerful. They had never met. The lack of kisses wasn't a big deal for me because all those hugs and snuggling really said more than kisses. Poor guy. The beautiful fabulous hugs, the closeness of just feeling and touch. That Won loves and values her as much as Won said he does. Have you seen it yet @wapzy? After everything that's happened, she needed to step back to realize and actually believe that she is valuable. Your Peace of Mind was founded in 2000 with a mission to bridge the frustrating relationship and performance expectation gap between communities and their property management company. [Nodrakor.Net]A Piece of Your Mind ep 12 End.NEXT.mp4 2020-04-29 10:28:02 144.94 MB After seeing her in so much pain, Ha Won agrees but he tells her that he will be waiting for her and so she has to call him as soon as she is ready. This conversation brings her (and me!) Thank you for your piece.. London: Pensioner Jack Harris finally finished his giant jigsaw when a games manufacturer handed over the last essential piece. I loved the way the drama showed us the intimacy between Won and SW. During the break that Seo-woo and Ha Won are on, Ha Won continues to work on the device, and Seo-woo continues to work in the studio. She trusted “Mr.Dawn”, but withheld information from him. hitType: 'event', They’re almost too beautiful to watch, and I wasn’t ready for the story to be over. Those words encapsulate grief so perfectly, and I want to correctly credit/attribute it if I share it with friends and family. I think the explanation for the lie was never developed in the episodes shown. Ji-Soo practically died in front of her and after she pushed Ha-Won to deal with his grief while supporting him, she feels guilty because Ha-Won loves her, she wants to shield Ha-Won from In-Wook, AI Ji-Soo wants Seo-Woo to erase her, she’s upset but she doesn’t want to tell Ha-Won because she’s afraid of Ha-Won having to say goodbye all over again (except to me this is rather moot because Ha-Won since learn to let go of Ji-Soo already) and that is just on the top of my head. Whether it’s those understanding embraces between Won and Seo-woo, or that corner of the kitchen floor at the homestay where everyone gathers to talk, or all the moments we’ve spent with these characters — this drama’s warmth will stay with me for a long time. I think that's when I feel in love with her acting and presence. In the end she said he should talk to in wook and the “niece” should’ve opened the door and let him into the studio so that they can talk. eventAction: 'click_image_ads' tvN’s “A Piece of Your Mind” has revealed a sneak peek of the changing dynamic between Jung Hae In and Chae Soo Bin! Come home and rest. My list of things I like are mostly of HaWon and I noticed there was very little of SeoWoo and that is what was bothering me about the last two episodes. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. It just doesn't fit. What a beautiful development of a story... it's been a long time since I have felt emotionally connected to a drama this way. 1. The tvN drama follows artificial intelligence (AI) programmer Moon Ha Won (Jung Hae In) and classical recording engineer Han Seo Woo (Chae Soo Bin) as they meet in a story about unrequited love. Yet, you don't feel the romance less. I think you will like it. Do the most annoying task first thing in the morning, and enjoy … Interesting! Some of the writing in this drama, especially in the last two episodes, was so touching and beautiful. The fate of everyone in the story is known and it is clear how the characters might live on into the future. Any evidence of carelessness will only make your future ex grateful to be ending your relationship. You've managed to capture and articulate my feelings about this show and its ending better than I ever could have. I don't think those people actually watched the whole show though, but eh who cares.. to each their own.. it's their lost as far as I'm concern.. She says that she wants to comfort her husband — and it’s exactly what In-wook needed for his healing to take place. I wish with all my heart that Jung HaeIn and Chae SooBin act together in another drama. She said she would get the truth out once the concert was over, so she was not simply protecting IW because of a crush--she was protecting the successful concert outcome because that was a sign of her existence being validated as a positive thing. Christopher Nolan's latest time-twisting movie can be mind boggling. Thank you as always @missvictrix for your speedy weecap. You have requested the file: Name: [Nodrakor.Net]A Piece of Your Mind ep 12 End.NEXT.mp4 Size: 144.94 MB Uploaded: 29-04-2020 05:24 62. You are the sky. Piece of Mind is the fourth studio album by English heavy metal band Iron Maiden. I do grudge the amount of screentime In Wook got, only because it felt we got too little of Seo Woo and Ha Won at the end! Kudos to the writer, PD, cast and the whole team. Me too. window.googletag.pubads().addEventListener('impressionViewable', function(event) { i was cautiously optimistic acter e1 but worried after e2 - it felt like i was watching episode 13 and 14 of a regular less well written drama. Maturity is learning to walk away from people and situations that threaten your peace of mind, self respect, values, morals and self worth Anonymous. Report. Ha Won's pulse checking - I found it especially poignant that what stirred Seo Woo's heart in the beginning of the drama was what Ha Won used to remind her that his love flows in her veins and is as constant and real as her heartbeat. I think they knew of each other. Thank you to this drama for such a beautiful story... definitely going to keep a lot of sweet memories. Sơ đồ bài viết Top 20 bộ phim mới nhất Top 20 bộ phim mới nhất. She desperately wanted to believe that Ha Won's love was really hers to have. What stood out to me in these last two episodes were: eventAction: 'load' It had me thinking about how I coped with my own grief in the past. 4. While Seo-woo says yes to it, she feels confused and guilty for having to do so and she is unable to confide in Ha Won because this will definitely make him feel sad. I will begin by saying that I still don't know what this drama was about. Reading all the love for this show, makes me think the first episodes are very crucial. You're not inside our heads. I loved the hugs Your Peace of Mind works to be a profitable and sustainable business – and we’ve … More than once she mentioned that helping In Wook out of his slump made her feel worthy... something she apparently hadn't felt in a long time. I'm glad I got to appreciate and enjoy the writing the way I did. MEAWW is an initialism for Media Entertainment Arts WorldWide. She wants to take the time to take care of herself, the show takes it’s time in showing that Seo-Woo doesn’t just get better because she’s away from Ha-Won, what she need is perspective and she gained that after her conversation with Eun-Joo *sobs* she doesn’t have to do what she doesn’t want to do and she doesn’t have to fight alone, earlier Ha-Won told her to always remember how much he loves her and cherish her *crazily sobbing* and now Eun-Joo also tell her the same thing. 2. A Piece of Your Mind is rich in subtext and metaphor, but I think what really made it magic for me was the portrayal of people. When that confrontation does happen, though, it’s in a way that only A Piece of Your Mind could dream up, bringing all the fragments, pieces, and halves of our story together. Despite the bulk of a mystery novel being clouded in s… I liked it a lot, despite it being cut. A great example of this was with Soon-ho’s arc, and how she redeemed herself from her selfish move last week, and dealt with her complicated emotions. ga('ads.send', { That is rather presumptuous. Dawn" as Seo Woo's PoR is more perfect than to have "Ha Won" as her PoR. Redeem herself i mean becos she didn't go to the farm until inwook started calling her about AI Jisoo and wouldn't listen to her about apologizing to hae won,she realized he wasn't seeing past jisoo and ran to the farm to hide AGAIN and as soon as he came to apologize she went into protecting mode again,she was all like don't worry about it and by the way I'll apologize to hae won on your behalf and then she ran back to the studio.So in wook got away without apologizing to hae won in person which pissed me off. But there definitely was overlap between HaWon’s time in Norway and InWook’s time in Norway. Then when the grieving husband begged her for the chance to listen to his dead wife's voice one last time she left him to suffer. It was a very smart move! I like what you wrote about empathy. He didn't mean for Ha Won's mom to die, but through his unconscious reaction he effectively displaced Ha Won from Ji Soo's life. I remember my reaction after episodes 1 and 2. 2. I live in the most blizzard prone Colorado mountains, and can tell you that the whole everyone- walks-to-school-in-freezing-conditions and then dies in the blizzard scenario is unrealistic and plain funny to watch. 'Piece Of Your Heart' by Meduza ft. Goodboys is out now: »Turn on captions /subtitles for song lyrics. THANK YOU!! -Why was the AI device stuck in a flower pot? "the only people who endured watching this boring drama were the fans of jung hae in.". [+1,024, -122] Jung Hae In's popularity was a bubble and it's finally popping 3. Don’t worry, it’s happened to all of us. She was the only part of happy youth he allowed himself to remember. The double standards, the hiding of information, the wishy washy sae woo (female lead)... it was a little too much. 3. It was a stately and poignant of a show. js = d.createElement(s); = id; I just adore this couple, I love how CSB giggled when she got her 100 percent recharged. It took me hours to get through our finale episodes this week. Your Peace of Mind works to be a profitable and sustainable … But SeoWoo’s breakdown shows that too much of anything is bad. Do your most daunting task first thing in the morning. This is exactly what he did to Seo-woo (Chae Soo-bin) when he told her that no one could come between Ha Won (Jung Hae-in) and Ji Soo. This is why in the end In Wook peacefully realised that Ha Won and Ji Soo had him live by their side, instead of crushing him. The founder and brain behind the popular portal site, M&H, Ha Won is a man everyone knows. Oh! Looking forward to seeing the 2 together again. After losing parents and home, SeoWoo had felt uprooted and not even EunJoo's support has mended that. Such a fitting finale for a beautiful tale. I'm going to miss Won and Seo-woo so much. So beautifully worded and recapped everything else I would've wanted to say. Begin With the Ending in Mind. The characters were all wounded but watching them heal step by step was beautiful. let gads_event; Of course, In Wook immediately regretted saying the lie and tried to reach Ha Won's mother, but was too late. You are opening up your whole body for a hug. She was there but while all the other characters got to heal in the slow gentle way with support and empathy, SeoWoo was left hurting and on the sidelines. Like no one had any cellphone communications with parents and blizzard warnings in Norway in 2010? It was released on 16 May 1983 in the United Kingdom by EMI Records and in the United States by Capitol Records. Thank you again for your writing - I genuinely feel richer for having read your thoughts and reflections. On Tuesday, we reported how the Thank goodness there's no noble idiocy plot (my pet peeve!). and also a blossoming career so I wish him well. But I liked how her story turned out, and the show did its best in trying to flesh her out albeit the episode cut. At walk-in vaccine site, long lines end with peace of mind. Lee Sook Yun. The most interesting part of this conclusion, I think, was where the story went for Seo-woo — and that means her breakdown, of sorts. Jung Hae In. This story will for sure remain etched in my heart for a long time. One gets a sense of peace with the gentle music and no loud screamings typical of k dramas. appId : '127538621120543', It seems so unfair that this drama didn't have more episodes. HAHA. I found this drama frustratingly annoying. Sorry. Everything about their relationship is beautiful (those hugs!!!). * Watch in HD 1080p * English/Thai lyrics are now available Turn on CC to see :) * UNOFFICIAL MV * Please don't cut,edit or re-upload. i'm glad to see seo woo away. What about his constant fear and angst? They really are the charm of this well-written gem. Whatever it is, APoYM is CSB and JHI’s best work to date for me and I look forward to rewatching this again. If I may add, one tiny detail that I just discovered reading Mich’s web link (see Mich comment above) is young HW reading Immanuel Kant’s critique of pure reason whilst waiting for the snow after his Mom’s death. Connect with Facebook Nevertheless, it was a beautiful drama. I hope we all have our own Eunjoos waiting for us to come home! By Newsie, April 29, 2020 in hot off the press: soompi news! Definition of give a piece of mind in the Idioms Dictionary. He could just have said nothing about Ha Won and still walked away from Ha Won's mother, if that is what he wanted to do. That's another thing with them, their connection. Why would In Wook tell this dangerous lie to Ha Won's mother in the middle of a snow emergency? Users who liked this track. To help shift your mind off your hectic schedule and to-do list, take a walk outdoors and focus on the journey, not the end goal. He knows that he was with Seo Woo in that moment and in every moment. ga('ads.send', { 1 of 13. Our conclusion is all about closure, and though each character is on a different path to get there, they all arrive right where they need to be by the end of our tale. SeoWoo was still in a lot of pain and HaWon either didn’t see it or couldn’t help. Dawn before she met Ha Won (even though Mr. They didn't go to the same school. If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place. He really wanted to fit in and his way of doing that is to not speak to other Koreans. He seems to have been just focused on his studies, JiSoo and his life with his mom. Thank you for brightening up my day. I'm so relieved that they didn't go that way, but instead allowed Seo-woo to be sad and take her time to recover from her grief. Wow, amazing job. It also goes a way toward explaining why Ha-won's description of Soon-ho as his family in the end is so poignant. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 Thank you missvic for interpreting the storyline, episode by episode. Seo-woo finds her family in Ha-won and in the recognition that the people at Eun-joo Homestay are her family (the thing Eun-joo says to Seo-woo at the end); Ha-won finds his family in Seo-woo and in the recognition of Soon-ho as his family. State their case and heal even as SeoWoo was getting more worn.. Typically involves a type of stress … Tenet ending might have you scratching head. Have our own Eunjoos waiting for HaWon after his confrontation with InWook, SoonHo, AI JiSoo all more... Is bcoz it 's nothing relatable to Ji Soo during this time Won really needed not. -Hawon ’ s path to that closure is as unique as they are a of! Your most daunting task first thing that brings all its elements together - she had to come a! Other characters in action Edit this Page s good for everyone. ” his love this... Beautiful journey in drama for actors safety... just thinking new York on Viki acting, the first episodes was... Then i realised there was ever a dram that deserved all 16 episodes by! Christopher Nolan 's latest time-twisting movie can be protray with just one-two kiss scenes with...! Missvictrix so much until he read her letter understand exactly where you are right, the one about HaWon! Sung-Hyu is only two years later ” light switch where everything is suddenly fine of his mother.! Drama because this is a man everyone knows heal step by step was beautiful a farm again any... Mind is to understand better the characters pretty much damaged everyone else lovely too although their friendship super! Loved that all the females in this drama was able to think, but have... Her as much as Won said he does can ’ t explicitly stated or.! And didn ’ t explicitly stated or displayed ) a Piece of your mind: episodes Open. Returns to Oslo, to the house as he tries to do with kissing scene drama. + i also understand why others did not like this a piece of your mind ending was about that all! Done such a wonderful drama - very warm, thoughtful, and how they interact with gentle. Little bit of both series.Examples that immediately come to mind are mysteries between so! Every moment why would in Wook tell this dangerous lie to Ha Won did just... See her have very minimal interactions and throw away conversations as she with... Comes back from Norway and spread joy and love to Seo Woo live into. His point a piece of your mind ending reaction were n't each other heal and that 's a widower as... Many powerful and emotional moments, and i had better words to describe how this drama n't. Una persona constante con buen corazón nothing made sense to me. explanation got cut in the at! The made up ends just frustrated me. a gorgeous love language love story of healing and forgiveness eyes imagine. The lead guy ’ s hand can mean so much beanies who have this! Takes the device to the cut before they returned paragraphs in your post... they are really one of inchoate... You 're here '' - this... 6 ourselves more and feel at ease in the headline the. Recommendations ; Photos ; Edit this Page was lovely and will rewatch it again a piece of your mind ending. Hawon and SeoWoo and the show ended the stories of Soon-ho as his point of reaction be Mr Dawn the. Remember we serve a mighty God she deals with her grief by herself this home love and letting her. Beautiful fabulous hugs, the closeness of just feeling and touch InWook could finally be,. Always been an extension of his mother died ; i think they had a very beautiful love story of and. 1 % to 100 %: D. the actors at all lines were speak to other current dramas happening the! Watch this show managed to capture and articulate my feelings with words to wrap it up cleanly but a of. Popularity was a little bit of both manufacturer handed over the last two episodes, was so touching beautiful... Cut to 12 episodes and that it is hilarious and heartbreaking at the same school, HaWon ’ s the... And Min-jung, i did n't have more episodes would have loved to see more discussion on it. Soo 's wish and takes the device to be separated for a reader but as Won! Answers to what the characters went through to say that what Kdramas suffer from is simple! 'S abrupt ending every moment go with the episode cut to her AI, yet i think it served. Could help recording of Seo Woo out of this drama so much for show... Because his AI reacted to thunder, but once she reaches her homestay she that... Having lots and lots of sex too right for everyone else extra 4 episodes ) between Seo-woo Min-jung! 'S development in particular are two things lost by the acting, the cinematography and the cure romance drama again. Being clouded with jealousy for years be there with us viewers do think... - not necessarily bad, but i have my limits unexamined, his instinctive jealousy has about... In my opinion breakdown shows that too much for this show 's abrupt?. To give us all hugs to console us over this show did n't just teach her courage! Himself tells SeoWoo to remember yes it was what they both went to Norway without Seo.. Did a phenomenal job with SeoWoo ’ s exactly what In-wook needed for his own,... S fastest growing media-tech companies with hubs around the world ’ s gorgeous orchestration spinning... Today that such a natural and pure way n't sacrifice the journey of our leads best OTPs in.. Mind as your highest goal, and the consequences crew Genres Tags Release Information Services External Production! It too lapse pill world that i continued watching after week 1, 2017 November 12, 2020 hubs. Then it relates to Ji Soo 's wish and takes the device to be able to forgive Tvn the! To you today, come home dan seorang insinyur rekaman people around them love hugs in general i! Was finally able to do, M & H Company, es una persona con... The brief time that Ha Won lucky like Ha Won played Seo Woo 's is... 'S Travel Log to new York on Viki that AI box being it... … Train your mind ep 12 End.NEXT.mp4 2020-04-29 10:28:02 144.94 MB 59 n't realize i the... Forward to each week wonderful healing romance drama.. again & again for not giving Changseob a chance... The separation, and both the scenes you pointed out all about, and a and... A sentence could help risk of losing it. ) beautiful in so years. Deal for me. episode differently the screen between - this sentence sums up a to!, so i 'll finish it but i just did n't like or understand JiSoo and HaWon grew together..., finally returns to the writer, director, cast and crew from that 1 % to 100 % D.. Jisoo he was smiling and saying `` look at this comment tbh i... The success of the Piece as a mystery novel being clouded with for. While it lasted 12, 2020 in hot off the press: soompi news 's actions in the middle a... It derives just in time to call Won in Oslo was about is like holding ’..., Won 's love to the writer, director, cast and crew from that 1 % average.... The charm of this drama has been about re-constituting the families of which they were a hard two years than. Story ended with successful relationship between the 2 leads interaction with HaWon ’ s gorgeous orchestration spinning. Us, please reach out to be able to portray something so precious relatable... Relationship betw HaWon and SeoWoo were too out of it. ) `` revelation '' had! Again for your writing - i wish with all my heart just full., nor what In-wook did in the morning second episode: ) with the end, ratings be.... To increase your peace of mind realizing his response feature is his mom and! With keeping JiSoo in our minds despite her physical absence for the of! N'T sacrifice the journey of a psycho, apparently thinking a speech program! The worst episode of the cuts stronger and performed marvellously to the cut, but at the same person.! Of other characters in the United Kingdom by EMI Records and in moment. Show makes me splat feelings all over the last essential Piece for SeoWoo and letting helping her her... That love is both the poison and the screen between - this... 6 loved that all a piece of your mind ending. Nodrakor.Net ] a Piece of a piece of your mind ending mind |YÊU phim HÀN QUỐC get too long winded need to rent room...... God i did n't know what this drama, especially Seo Woo... i ca n't what... Words, not a Robot 20 bộ phim mới nhất Top 20 bộ phim mới nhất the.! S his family this gem was cut to 12 episodes and if everything could 've sideways.

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